Friday, March 27, 2009

Western Civilization

Well I'm officially over the hump in my Western Civilization class. It has been a bumpy road and I think I finally have gotten the hang of it. The teacher of this online class is very particular about his rules and how things are done. I literally had his syllabus and several other word doc's that he's written open as I did every assignment to make sure I was doing them correctly. He's also a pretty tough grader.

I actually didn't like him at all at the beginning of the class, we had several emails between us but I've discovered as the class has gone on that he has really pushed me to be a better student and to really analyze what I'm reading. I would definitely take another of his classes.

The history of the West is pretty amazing, the changes in Europe from the middle ages to present really show how far we have come as a people in such a short time. Even a few hundred years ago there were still serfs and peasants were bought and sold and lived and died with the land they farmed. These people never had a chance for any education or to improve their lives. Once the common man had a chance to get educated and feudalism died, the world changed dramatically. The steam engine was invented, ways to farm and produce food were implemented, inventions in the textile industry meant clothing was cheap enough to make that you could own more that one or two outfits in your entire life! What makes me sad is to think about all of the people who could have made great changes to this world, they could have been scientists or philosophers or doctors or inventors but with society the way it was they never had a chance to be educated or to realize their potential. How much genius has been wasted!

Indian Shores, FL (Near Tampa Bay)

We have booked a condo on the beach! The last time we went to Florida (about 2 years ago when Jessi was pregnant with Ryan) we stayed in hotels as we made our way around Florida on a state-wide roadtrip. We were able to book this wonderful condo steps away from the beach for about half what it cost us to stay in hotels 2 years ago.
We have our flight booked, car rented, condo booked, and we've even chatted with a Real Estate agent to show us some of the neighborhoods in the area. We have a dream of moving to Florida some day after I retire (11 years 5 months and counting) and we want to have a pretty good feel for what part of the state we want to move to.
Hopefully when we get back on April 18th we will have nice tans and Kansas City's weather will have finally changed from winter to spring.

Well it all started with a little Toys R Us coupon. "It expires today", she said. So after work we headed to the big Toy Store on Barry Rd.

Note the green Ninja Motorcycle in the background and the pimp Elmo flip flops that Ryan is sporting. Also the blue Porsche from the move Cars in Ryan's hand is a new addition. Oh yeah Ryan has us wrapped around his little finger.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snake Saturday

Saturday morning we met up with our good buddy Matt Alpert and his
family in downtown North Kansas City for the annual Snake Parade. At
the risk of talking you into going next year and making the parade
that much busier, I will tell you that it is much more fun for
families than that OTHER parade. No open containers on the street and
a lack of young knuckleheads makes it a good time for everyone.

Friday, March 13, 2009


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It's been awhile since I've blogged. Oh I have LOTS of excuses. I definitely blame several other people and things for my lack of bloggingness. It couldn't be that I'm just plain lazy could it? Nooooooo.... Anyways so here I am. Hopefully you have been lazy and spending all of your time with your new shiny friends on facebook, and have just recently come back to blogger to check on the Kingsburys. You probably don't even notice that I haven't put up anything interesting in weeks.

If that is the case just ignore the first paragraph and lets move on...

Sooo what have the crazy Kingsbury's been up to lately? Well we have been taking advantage of the few days of spring that nature hits us with in the last few months of winter. Doing the park thing and generally just trying to get Ryan outside to run off some of his limitless energy. We went to Columbia for Grandmother Obley's birthday and even ate some cake. I love cake yum.

My computer took a crap on me so I've built a new one. I've gone back to the desktop instead of the fancy laptop so I can work on it again if it breaks. The new computer is sweet and is setup and running great.

We are planning a trip to Tampa Bay in April, we have some ideas like Busch Gardens and a fun water park but mainly we just want to enjoy some sun and sand. This winter with it's 60 degrees in the morning 18 degrees by that night bullcrap has really gotten me in the mood to more seriously explore my retirement options in Florida (11 1/2 years and counting).

Ryan is growing up so fast. He probably has a 100 word or more vocabulary now. He knows and can say words like screwdriver, balloon, milk, chocolate (he says this a lot!), jacket, night night, please, thank you, Elmo, train, fire truck, and big bird. He is very proud of himself and loves to put on a show of all the cool animal noises he knows like monkey, elephant, snake, pig, cow, lion (ROAR!), and chicken. If he sees the Cookie Monster in a book he's reading he will grab the book and chew on the pages. If he sees an ice cream cone in a picture he will try to lick the picture. When he gets home he takes his own coat off and puts it on the couch where daddy and mommy keep their coats. He loves to give kisses and big hugs and his big toothy smile is almost completely full of teeth.

I've been missing Europe a bit now that we've been gone awhile. I would like to bring Jessi back sometime when she doesn't have to work, the kid(s) are a bit older, and we can enjoy a slow pace and spend time just exploring. I think about all of the cool architecture and how neat it was to live next to the Thames and Buckingham Palace. The parks there are so immaculate and perfect for kids. I also really wish I had more time to explore the Tuscany part of Italy ,and I think I may have left part of my soul in the south of France. One day I will go back even if I have to drag Jess back kicking and screaming ;)

Speaking of Jessi, she is feeling better and is starting to get a little baby belly. The new babies name will be Seth and the pregnancy is progressing perfectly. We've all had colds recently and are finally getting healthy though Ryan and I still have a dry cough and he has a runny nose (it may have something to do with that new tooth trying to poke it's way into his mouth).

I've finally taken the plunge and have a profile on facebook. I've been posting pictures there because it's sooo much easier than blogger. I didn't plan on ever signing up on another social networking site after myspace but I'm enjoying facebook and it was very easy to set up and I already have 172 people I know from work, church, school on my friends list.

Seth's room is moving right along, we have all the furniture setup and some cute elephant, monkey, giraffe stuff on the walls. We will be putting the finishing touches on it as soon as I can get Jess motivated to motivate me into doing it.

Please put Hayes Mayo on your prayer list. He has terminal cancer and has been in the ICU a few times in the last couple of weeks. He is Sam Ransom's dad and a great guy. He has been very helpful to me with computer stuff and with tips for running Rob's PC Service when I was still doing that. He has lost over 70 lbs and is doing chemo every week. Pray for a miracle, pray for his family, just please help us pray.

On a happier note, March 21st is our next LAN party at our buddy Jim Brooks place in Independence. We are definitely looking forward to doing a little killin' next weekend!

I'm sure I've forgotten about 100 things we've been up to but this is probably more than enough reading material for you anyways ;)

God Bless!

Friday, March 6, 2009


As many of you know I'm switching from my gaming laptop to a gaming
computer. The parts just arrived today and I wanted to show you how
big this video card is. Note the Eiffel tower (actual size) and how it
is overshadowed by the much larger video card.