Monday, August 22, 2011


Check out these beautiful Michigan woods

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fishing Trip

I photoshopped in a fish for Jen so she wouldn't feel bad.

Moved in

Well after a whirl wind few weeks we are finally in our new dream
home. It is amazing and if we ever get unpacked we will have to have a
housewarming party.

We have our old house staged beautifully and it's on the market. Now
we just need to sell it!

We leave on Thursday morning for 2 weeks. We are heading north to
Michigan to hang with the Boersmas and play on the beach. I'm really
excited to see our kids playing in the water now that they are older.

We are now without a member of our family, Chase dog has a new home
with a new family. He had a hard time with the little kids running
around and his new home is a much better environment for him.

I was having some problems uploading pictures to the blog but that is
fixed now so expect some new house pics and vacation pics soon!