Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone Seen My Little Dog?

Last seen out in the front yard.  She is a sweet little sad dog who hasn’t had much attention lately because of our 2 little children.  I hope she hasn’t done anything crazy.

Iphone Backup 008

Wonderful night!

Thank you Gamma and Aunt Jen/Uncle Chad for watching our kids so we could go out for the night.

Here is a cute picture from when we arrived to pick up the kids in the morning.


Seth and Mary edit


After a long hard fought bout with the evils of a leaky roof above our guest bathroom we have finally finished fixing and painting the room. 


Iphone Backup 016 Iphone Backup 012

Ryan helped out with some rolling and brushing work. 

And the finished product!


Iphone Backup 019 Iphone Backup 018

The mood is set, destiny is upon us.  I think I will go lounge in my new Zen water closet.  See you later.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Well the ceiling has been textured as promised. Time to do some
painting. Note: I took the toilet tank off to avoid having a gap in
the paint.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things you’ve missed part 7

Leaky roof madness!

Yeah our roof leaks.  Turns out home ownership teaches you all kinds of life skills you never really wanted to learn.  Like “how to fix a leaky roof”, or “how

to replace walls and ceilings after you have had a leaky roof”.  This weekend is project weekend so here we go!

002 001

This got even worse and was managing to be the source of much mold and sneezing as well.

027 028

Well i have ripped the offending stuff out and I’m getting ready to put up some new drywall and do some muddin’

031029  030

Hopefully one more skim coat and we will be painting and retexturing the ceiling. 

To Be Continued…

Things you’ve missed part 6

Day at the park!

It was so warm on Thursday that we hit the park and had a wonderful little picnic sponsored by Sonic and some fun running around chasing kites and playing on the equipment.

024 025 026

And now it’s Saturday and a winter wonderland.  Weeee I hate KC yay!



Things you’ve missed part CINCO – The Older Sister edition


Amazingly enough I   have an older sister.  She was adopted at birth (my mom and dad were 16/17 at the time) and my parents ended getting married later and having 2 more kiddos (myself and younger sister). 

We finally got a chance to meet her (Liz) and her super cool husband (Don) and my awesome niece (Sophie). 

The story is long but the end is happy.  We are so happy to have you in our life!



Things you’ve missed Part 4


Miscellaneous pictureness


P1060289 P1060383 P1060349 015 013

Things you’ve missed Part Deux


Oh you know Jessi can’t leave the country and not attempt to get eaten by some local wildlife.



Things you’ve missed Part 3

Oh we may have gotten a bit too much sun in mexico and done something bad….


002 001

Perdonado means “Forgiven” in Spanish btw

Things you’ve missed PT-1

Oh yeah, I’ve been slacking!  But don’t worry I will make it up to you with a flurry of pictures.

Jessi and I retreat to Mexico for some R&R and the boys spend the week at Dad and Nancy’s in St. Louis


PICT2068 PICT2078 PICT2066 PICT2048

010 012 020 031 026

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seth is getting more mobile

He may not be crawling but he's learning how to get around